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Stüssy is a self-named brand founded by Shawn Stüssy in his hometown of Laguna Beach, California.

You've probably seen the almost indecipherable, yet striking signature printed on surfer and skater brands throughout the decades since 1980. From humble beginnings of shaping surfboards in the 70s, Shawn slowly started making a name for himself in fashion when scrawling his now iconic Stüssy graphic on surfboards and basic t-shirts while selling them around the beaches of his hometown. His brand has pioneered streetwear development and has now evolved into a worldwide staple for streetwear culture. Stüssy has a full-range of pieces from graphic t-shirts, hoodies, button-ups, jackets, pants, and accessories. The laidback, effortless, yet slightly structured aesthetic has remained timeless drop after drop.