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Advisory Board Crystals was co-founded by Remington Guest and Heather Haber in 2017.
During their unlikely meeting in the backseat of an uberPool in Los Angeles, the two bonded rather quickly about their work history from the same fashion brand. Then after running into one another again by chance later that night, the duo hit it off even more and thus, the brand was born. Esteemed for its proprietary crystal-infused dyes and unmistakable hand-crafted details like their signature pull tab, this brand lies at the junction of wellness and style. This unique brand finds inspiration from the healing powers of crystals, fostering style and curiosity to those that come across its design process. From ready-to-wear monochromatic sweatshirts, button-downs, pants, and accessories, we at Evolve are honored this brand trusts us with its name and limited pieces.